Belka, also known as silk plaster models, live plaster and decorative plaster models, is 100% cotton and an odorless quality product. With Belka, which has many features, you can apply on any flat surface without using a primer in your homes. As silk plaster models, all of our products have the same features. It has 80% thermal insulation and 60% sound insulation properties. Let's examine our silk plaster models together.

As our Silk Plaster models, all of our Belka products are silk plaster and are used as 100% cotton wall paint. Silk plaster models are also used as silk plaster paint. Coming to its features, it is used in our homes, offices, inside buildings and has many features. We can sort it as follows;

·        Silk plaster provides thermal insulation, thanks to the sheathing inside, it provides a serious fuel saving thanks to eps and fiber.

·        Silk plaster provides sound insulation and sound insulation; You will immediately notice that silk plaster models will be distinguished by their superiority in sound insulation. It provides good sound insulation due to the properties of eps and textile components in its texture and 100% cotton.

·        Silk Plaster Models decorative plaster models; Silk plaster models, which are at the highest level in the classification of visuals, are used for a much longer time in terms of likability compared to the visuals in other decorative interior products. Ventrawall silk plaster models, available in all colors, have motivating effects on people.

·        Belka İpek plaster models expand the spaces; Thanks to its natural appearance, structure and texture effects, it makes your home, office and building look deeper and wider inside.

·        Silk plaster is antiallergic; Glass fiber, fiber asbestos etc. etc. It does not contain carcinogenic and allergic substances such as carcinogens and chemicals and absolutely no chemicals are used. Silk plaster is 100% cotton.

·        Silk plaster models are resistant to impacts; Thanks to its stretching feature, your children can exhibit behaviors such as throwing toys on the walls while playing at home. In such cases, there may be situations such as crushing and dents on your walls. Thanks to Belka silk plaster, you will get rid of such situations. Because you will not encounter any spilling or crushing situations. Belka, which can be removed from the wall even in cases such as scraping with a knife thanks to its repair and wipeable feature, can be removed from the wall with a plastic trowel after wetting it slightly, and you can complete the spilled and open areas.

·        Silk Plaster Models are Economical; Silk plaster is a carefully designed and developed interior cotton wall paint for your homes, offices and building interiors. With its decorative plaster appearance and being economical, you can appl