In fact, smoked wall paint is one of the most different colors in the wall paint industry. The color can be described as a different gray, a different navy blue and blue. Especially in your homes, work areas and office areas, you can create beautiful environments with smoked wall paint.

The meaning of smoked wall paint is known among the people as the color of smoke. By adding balance and seriousness, it brings nobility, work and elegance to the house. The common feature of people who love Smoked Color is to stay away from events. People who want to devote more time to themselves can connect to this color with a love. However, this color can be a bit overwhelming for people who are as active as those who want to organize entertainment at home.

The smoked wall paint works in a completely different harmony with the furniture and household items suitable for it. When the general flow of color is in harmony with the furniture, the right energy can be burned in the office or home. Here, you can use our Belka Smoked wall paint by thinking about the colors of your own homes and furniture.

Smoked colors are divided into two as light and dark tones. According to each brand, the smoke color varies in the color tones of the wall paint. For example, as the Ventrawall brand, there may be color tones between the color of our smoked wall paint products and the smoked color wall paints of a different brand. Considering all these, we ask you not to mix the smoked colors of 2 different brands. Click for Belka Smoked Color Wall Paint colors.