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With the development of technology, many of our daily tasks have become easier. Technological developments like these are not limited to our daily work. It also provides us a lot of convenience in art and design. The sectors that take direction from art and design, on the other hand, follow these technological developments. The building construction sectors, which are one of the most affected sectors in terms of technology. It makes a great contribution to the very striking designs of decorations and architectural fields and the implementation of these designs. We can see the biggest examples of these in wall covering and ceiling covering systems. Wall cladding and ceiling cladding decorations allow you to easily provide and design your wall decoration without the need for real building materials. It also offers you a special feature in terms of internal insulation. Thus, you will add a positive score in the area of interior insulation and comfort, rather than the visual beauty you will add to your design wall and ceiling decoration. Click for our Wall Covering models.