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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use Belka the even bumpy surface like really strong bricks?

- Including bumpy surface, Belka is applicable on any surfaces such as cement, brick, gypsum, glass, tile, paint, wallpaper, metal, chipboard, wood, cinder block, plaster and etc.

2. Are there any special cases that need pre-work?

- Oily or slippery surfaces with foreign matter must be cleaned before application.

3. Can I buy only sample book first for checking the colors?

- Of course, you can buy it. the catalog where you can check 60 colors.

4. Do I MUST need to buy a Belka trowel and container?

- Belka trowel is specially designed for applying Belka. For a perfectly smooth surface finish, Belka trowels are essential.

5. Can I use Belka on the ceiling?

- Belka can apply on the ceiling also.

6. Can I use Belka on the floor?

- Belka is applicable on any surface, but for applying on the floor, it is needed to be covered by a protective layer of polyester, which is not recommended because it cannot be as strong as stone or other floor covering.

7. Can I use Belka on door?

- Of course, Belka is applicable on any surface and it's a great choice to beautify the room doors also.

8. Can I apply it with my bare hands?

- It can be applied with bare hands, but it is not enough to complete a smooth surface. For time-saving and perfect quality, Belka trowels are essential.

9. Can I use it in a humid place?

- Belka is made of 100% natural cotton, has an excellent moisture-proof function, so it can be installed even in damp places.

10. After finished to apply Belka and all dry it. But Belka is not come off from the wall even if when water condensation?

- Belka will not crack or split even after a long period of time.