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Belka is Superior

Belka product offers you whatever you need to have your ideal unique, elegant and healthy space. Belka Colors have the ability to make your walls and ceilings the unique ones that you exactly imagine. Unlimited color combination and infinite designs you can create by Belka.

In addition to its unlimited decorative functions, Belka creates a better indoor air quality and keeps it clean and healthy due to its non-chemical ingredients. You can feel comfortable about your family and children health, by Belka.

Belka is easy to apply and not only you can ask technicians to apply your projects, but also you can buy and apply your walls yourself. Belka doesn’t have any smell, doesn’t fall on the ground, and doesn’t need to collect or remove your furniture. While you are living in your home, you can apply Belka on your walls and enjoy it. If needed, cleaning Belka from the just needs a wet napkin.

Belka doesn’t need any substructures and can save your time and money. You can apply directly on your different surfaces. (Different Surfaces)

You can hide the unevenness of the surfaces by Belka. Any cracks, roughness, irregularity on your surface, can be hidden by Belka, easily.

In addition to all mentioned factors, Belka is high physical resistant, humidity resistant, acoustic, heat and cold insulator.